New Year, New Goals

Posted: January 13, 2017 in Fitness, Health, Uncategorized


Here we are, two whole weeks into 2017. Time to think about what I want to achieve this year. In all honestly last year exceeded my expectations and I will be hard pressed to match it but here goes.

First off I want to say thank you for the support I have received through the last 12 months. Going from the weight I was to being considered fit and healthy has had its own rewards but the constant encouragement I have had from friends, old and new, has got me through the tough times and there have been a few. more on that later.

I have taken the decision to rebrand both this blog and my Instagram (go give me a follow) to be more in keeping with the new direction my life is taking. Will I still play and rant about video games? You betcha. They are still a part of who I am but I am so much more.

That leads me to my main goal for this year. At the start of this journey it was all about feeling better about myself. improving my self image, feeling healthy and basically extending my life as much as I possibly could. As I made progress and started to lose weight I started getting people asking how they could do the same. I have found I have really enjoyed offering what advice I could and seeing others start their own journey and it has made me consider my career choices. I really want to help make the difference. I feel that, as I have taken the journey myself, I am well placed to help others do the same. The upshot of this is that on the 17th of January I will start studying to become a level 2 Fitness instructor with Henley College, here in Coventry. This will then give me a more in-depth knowledge of the subject helping me to give better advice. I am obviously hoping it will also lead to a career change eventually. Me? A gym coach? who would have guessed!

I am also hoping to get to 50 ParkRuns this year. So far I have 16 under my belt so this should be easy to do so long as I can get Saturdays free.

Coming up before that is the Draycote 10k on the 15th January. This is a lovely location around the perimeter of a local reservoir. I have walked around it many times but this will be my first run there. I am excited to get this year’s events under way but I am still carrying an injury that has bugged me off and on through last year and have been advised not to do it. Trouble is I really want to so I may end up walking by the end.


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