First Event Of The Year

Posted: January 15, 2017 in Fitness, Health, Uncategorized


The Draycote 10k

After what seems like an eternity since my last event I am pleased to report my 2017 campaign has got off without a hitch.

The Draycote 10k is a new run to me but has been running for several years. The event is organised by The Race organiser ( ) and is set around the normally picturesque Draycote Water Reservoir located in the Warwickshire countryside about 13 miles South East of Coventry. I say normally because, today, the weather was not kind to us. Low cloud, heavy rain and low temperatures greeted us as we assembled in the car park to head to the race village to claim our start numbers.


The visitor centre and race village through the rain

Never one to be put of by a bit of rain, it was heartening to see how many others had decided to turn out anyway and the carpark was soon way over capacity. As were the loos with the ladies having to form a long but orderly queue which meant some had to start the race late.

As start time approached I moved up to the start with some trepidation. It had only been 9 days since I pulled my calf yet again and hadn’t run at all in that time. I had done a couple of sessions of resistance with some supported cardio on the X-Trainer and had been wearing a calf sleeve all week. To say the injury was worrying me would be an understatement. I tried to fight back the natural instinct to get swept along with the crowd at the start to try to help my leg but I was soon setting a pace in the low 8’s. The course helped. Set along the perimeter road of the reservoir, the 10k course had 2k of, mostly, downhill double back till we strode off around the course proper. Undulating around the lake, giving a fair change in elevation, the tarmacked surface was a pleasure to run on with only avoiding action for puddles breaking the flow.



Elevation plan of the course


As it turned out the injury didn’t reappear and my pace for the first 5k was good (for me) but as I passed the 6k marker I felt that my pace had fallen right off. That said I still felt good. Running a 10k straight off in brand new trainers was probably not the sanest thing to do but even that turned out to not be a problem. Hey, I didn’t even feel the rain despite having to do jumping jacks on the start line to stop shaking in the cold.

It was with relief that I spied the red LED glow of the finish clock 1km from the finish. All my fears of my calf ending my season before it started melted away and I made a push for home. As I crossed the line a glance at the clock showed me I had finished 53.33 after the official start. Knowing that I hadn’t crossed the start line till over 1 minute after the start I knew I had put in a time far faster than I thought and one possibly a PB. After I regained my breath, a quick check on my TomTom Spark showed me that I had indeed set a new fastest 10k time of 52.11! What an awesome way to start the new year.

As I moved up to claim my goodie bag (the usual fare of protein bar, nutrient drink etc.), medal and T-shirt I caught up with one of my friends who had came home a couple of minutes before me for the usual photos and war stories. He too had enjoyed the event and vowed we should do more. Looks like 2017 will be a busy year.


To the Victor, the spoils



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