Not Enough Hours….

Posted: February 13, 2017 in Fitness, Health, Uncategorized
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So, as my fitness has increased, I have found myself feeling like I am not doing enough of any one thing to stay fit for everything. This time last year this wasn’t a problem as all I did was cycling. If I was in the gym it was stationary bike or Spin class. If we had a rare sunny day it was back to the roads and trails.

As the year progressed though, I came to love running. Not just running though, distance running. Running a mile for me was a dream but now it’s like, a mile? That’s 8 minutes. That’s not training! As a result even 5k now feels like a cheat day.

So far that’s running and cycling, distances and time commitment increasing for both. If only it was just that though. As a result of a recurring calf injury I started seeing a physio. She basically told me all cardio had made my body enter “starvation mode”. As a result it had started cannibalising my lean muscles to preserve fat reserves resulting in weaker muscles. To rectify this I needed to both add strength training and take a rest day at least once a week. I had been running or cycling every day so this came as a blow. 

And now I want to add swimming. A brilliant full body workout. I’m not fast though so 1k is taking me 40 minutes. 

I work full time and am now well into my fitness instructor course so time is needed for revision etc. 

I know this sounds like an “oh poor me” post but, honestly, it’s not. I feel totally blessed that I am in a position to be even contemplating all this. The me of a year or so ago wouldn’t believe it’s possible. So from here on in it’s time to buckle down. If I have to train twice a day I will. Even jog to the swimming baths and back. I love training. It really is my life now. I cannot wait to be able to help others find this too! Am I addicted? Yes maybe a little but when I see the addictions other people have had I can’t help feeling this is one of the good ones. 


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