Training update

Posted: February 20, 2017 in Fitness, Uncategorized
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Despite my fears in my last post the new training plan has fitted in brilliantly. Yes, it’s meant more time given up to exercise but, as I have no social life, it’s all good. The first step was putting it down on paper. I believe this is vital to anyone starting training as it shows the activities you are doing and let’s you make sure you are not doing the same things back to back. I also consider it a contract with yourself. Writing it down makes it real!

As you can see I have even found I could squeeze more in should I need to. For now though this is working that well that I have been able to squeeze in 3 swim sessions a week which will be vital as I have decided the next new activity I want to try is Triathlon. I hope to be competing (well, aiming for the middle of the pack) in the spring category. This involves a 400 m swim, 20 k bike and a 5 k run. I am fairly confident I can do this but haven’t a clue about things like transitions and the rule book looks really complex. Just another challenge though. 

Back to this week and I am pleased to announce a new PB for the Coventry Parkrun. I finally cracked the 24 minute barrier by clocking in at 23:53. A minor achievement considering I only really started running last June. 

Another piece of news is there is now a new bike in the stable. Buoyed by the thought of Triathlon, I thought it was time I got a race bike. Now this one really is a bargain bin special but, frankly, it’s all I could afford. My cousin has kindly donated so clip in pedals so it’s already had an upgrade though and it will be good enough for me. Took it for a spin out to Kenilworth on Sunday clocking up 26 miles or so and set PBs on most of the sections so it’s definitely faster than my mountain Bike already. 

Looking forward, this Sunday I will be running another 10k at Draycote water. Really hoping it stays dry after the last one but I will have fun either way. This may mean I swap parkrun for a bike ride Saturday. We will have to see. 

What ever you are doing this week I hope you find the fun in fitness. Take care. 


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