2017 Review and The Year ahead

Posted: January 31, 2018 in Uncategorized


Hello and a belated Happy New Year.

2017 turned out to be an amazing year for me. In my fitness life and personal life I met some amazing people, found new opportunities, changed careers and achieved all the targets I set for myself. I completed my first ever Triathlon and Half Marathon and gained the Alpha Wolf award for completing 4 Wolf Runs in one year. I competed in a Pedal Car Endurance series and actively helped others achieve their fitness goals.

I hope I can be forgiven for the lack of posts. It really was a hectic year.

So, where do I expect to go in 2018?

In March I will be entering the Coventry Half, an event I missed last year due to taking a practical exam for my Gym Instructor qualification. Its my local event and I can’t wait to take part. On the subject of Half’s I have also entered the New Forest Half. This event was my first official  Half Last year and was an amazing experience. A fantastic trail run through the Forest, with amazing views. I would recommend it to anyone. I decided to go down and camp in the New Forest over the race weekend and despite heavy rain for the majority of the time it was brilliant. It helped that I took my Mountain Bike to explore the area.


So that book ends my year. Cov in March and the New Forest in September. I have also booked up to join a team from “Midlife Gamers”, A gaming community built around a podcast of the same name. We will be smashing the Midlands Tough Mudder in May. I also have been graciously invited back to race in the British Pedal Car Championship again.

Now to my main goal and, frankly, the one I have most reservations about. The fat old guy from three years could never have achieved what I have over that time and I really hope this wont be any different. I have entered my first Marathon!

The Southampton Marathon is the same day as London on the 22nd April. It comprises 2 laps around the city crossing the River Itchen several times affording fantastic views. I will be running with a few friends, 2 experienced and 1 aiming for his first 26.2 just like me. I only booked last night and today the worries have kicked in but I am already ahead in my training for the half so have a great base to build from. So now it is a mental battle. Running a half was great but the equivalent of two back to back is something I can barely imagine right now.

Training begins now. Lets do this!


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