Marathon Training and my first 10k of 2018

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Maybe not the victor but I still got the spoils


I have had a busy couple of weeks training wise and, to be honest despite some really cold weather, I have loved every minute of it. The Marathon training is well on pace thanks to a few amazing runner friends of mine, my first race of the year has now been completed and I have entered yet more events.

So, to the training. I am a member of two running clubs, one affiliated with my old gym and one with my new. These are unofficial and are ran by either the instructors or members from their own good will mostly. They offer a great way to distance train with some really great people who are fast becoming friends. one club in particular has had amazing results turning non-runners into runners and this has led to them holding Sunday sessions to help train for the Coventry Half marathon. Running anywhere between 4-12 miles at the moment the clubs are a really good way to meet like-minded people who help and encourage everyone and they have benefited my training now end.



15 miles Training Run


Due to my shifts I have taken an approach of a long run week followed by a short run week on a fortnightly cycle. Last cycle I ran a 13 mile on my own, a 15 mile with a friend and a 10 mile with the run club. week two was a 5 mile with one run club, a 6 with the other and, to really push the boat out, I incorporated a 10k race. of which more later!

As well as the runs I have been interspersing them with resistance sessions and swimming in the gym. I am very keen to avoid the previous calf niggles so will keep focusing on strength training. I am also mindful that the cycling is currently being left out so I will be adding Watt-Bike sessions and, as soon as the weather improves, it will be back to bike/ run brick training.



Sorry for the shaky cam. it was the cake fuelled sugar rush!

As we gathered half way along the dam for the Draycote 10k, shivering in freezing conditions, I did wonder what the hell I was doing there. It was so cold we had to resort to a group hug just to try to keep warm. Well that was our excuse anyway! I think the smiles in the picture tell the real story though. It really was a great start to the racing year for me and meeting new people and swapping stories is really the icing on the cake (forgive the pun).

This race is one I have entered a few times and forms part of a couple of series ran by The Race Organiser ( ) The race comprises of a dog leg off the dam followed by a full lap to give full race distance. the scenery is amazing but along with that comes the fact that the reservoir is totally exposed to the elements. Great for the Sail boats not so good for the runners. That said, once running, the weak winter sun was enough to get us up to temperature pretty quickly. the course is described as flat. That is a lie. The hills are deceptively hard work at times but it does make for an interesting place to run.  My final official time came in at 53:09. Not my fastest but it felt great to be out there competing again.



Stratford Triathlon 2017

And Finally to my upcoming events. February is almost half gone already and so we look to March. The Coventry Half will be the big event of the month and a valuable step on the path to The Southampton Marathon  which is the following month. In the middle of May I now have The Tough Mudder Midlands on the 19th and The Coventry Sprint Triathlon on the 20th! After that I have nothing booked until the New Forest Half in September but, rest assured, This is going to change.

And so I wish you all happy training and I wish you all the best.




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