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So, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post so I’ll give you a quick catch up first.

A few weeks ago, after cycling almost 40 miles around Warwickshire, I developed the most awful toothache. It took four days to get into see the Dentist. 4 horrendously pain filled days, by which time there was nothing the Dentist could do but pull the tooth. Big respect to my Dentist who did a top notch job but the after effects, probably not helped by the amount of pain medication I was taking, robbed me of another three days of training.

Back now as fit as a fiddle and on to my next adventure. A short while ago my Gym Instructor asked me if I fancied taking an empty seat in a pedal car for a race at a go kart track just 20 miles from my house. Not knowing anything about the sport he pointed me to the British Pedal Car Championship’s website. The cars are basically four wheeled recumbent bikes with light-weight body work.

The day arrived and I made me way to Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire. The 480m Go-Kart track would be our venue for the 6 hour endurance race. I quickly met my fellow team mates. We were to be in the third car ran by Apollo Racing who are currently leading the championship. There were 4 drivers per car and our car had two experienced drivers and two novices. Once the tents were erected I got a litle go in the pits and, despite the controls feeling totally alien at first, soon got the hang of it.

Official practice was delayed due to issues with the timing system but once underway our car made 1 1/2 laps before the chain jumped off the rear sprocket and getting stuck round the axle. This required the axle being removed curtailing any chance of me getting on track before the race.

After the drivers briefing it was decided that I would be driver 4, meaning I would take the fourth, eighth and final stints of 30 minutes each. Luckily, due to the earlier timing issues the start was delayed and our car was back together in time to make the rolling start.

When our car pulled into the pits for my first stint I would like to say our change over was professional but I made a hash of it and panicked leading to my first couple of laps out on circuit being slow while I regained composure. Soon enough though the car started to feel natural and my lap times improved. On my final stint I was lapping at an average of 16 mph which I thought was ok for a first attempt and we finally finished 6th out of 18 cars.

The weather was fantastic and the day was fun. If asked back I would love to have another go. It’s always great to try something new


Feeling really upbeat after the weekend and have some great news to share. Yesterday (Sunday 2nd May) saw my take my practical assessment for the Gym Instructor’s course. This involved creating a programme for my client, welcoming them, making them aware of fire exits, first aid etc. This was followed by demoing and instructing the session you had designed, all under the watchful eye of an adjudicator. 

The result was a pass and I am now qualified as a level 2 Gym Instructor. Now the work begins to try to get into the industry at 48 with no previous experience. I have no doubt it will be hard but motivation has got me this far!

Earlier in the day I had been running at Draycote Water with some friends who are training for the London Marathon. The plan had been a nice steady run of ten miles. It was a cracking day and the banter was flowing and before I knew it I had put in an new PB for 10 miles at 1:23:09 at an average pace of 8:17/ mile. I like running with other people. 

The week ahead will be a busy on. Wolf run coming up on Sunday and the Triathlon is under 5 weeks away. Still plenty to do. 


Last Year’s Myton Cycle Challenge

I am now pleased to announce the big news this week that I have chosen which Charity I will be raising funds for this year. After much consideration I have elected to support a local Hospice that provides end of life care to people throughout Coventry and Warwickshire and who’s care has reached out to nearly everyone’s family that I know at some point. In their own words, taken from their page ( “At Myton, we believe that everyone matters for every single moment of their life and that treating patients with dignity and respect is more important than meeting targets. We passionately believe that the final part of someone’s life is as important as the beginning.”

The main thing I will be doing is taking part in the Myton Hospice Cycle Challenge on the 6th of August. This is a ride around the south Warwickshire countryside taking in Villages and hills over a course of 30k, 100k, or 100 miles. I have opted to do the 30k ride with a couple of friends. I completed this ride for the first time ever during last year’s event on-board my trusty Giant Talon mountain bike but this year will be riding my Ammaco road bike. It will be definitely faster down hill but I will miss the low gears on the climbs.

At first I was hoping to reach £100 in sponsorship but this was smashed in just 90 minutes. That’s how worth a cause this is. As a result of this I will keep the funding page going. If you should wish to sponsor me for any sum please do consider helping this Charity as they really are doing superb work. the link to my donation page is

If I can work out how to do it I will be adding a link to the side of the blog.

And so to my training.


Park run 4/3/17

Despite the poor weather and a few real life issues impacting on my training schedule this week it has, on the whole, been quite successful. I have had to find a new swimming venue due to scheduling conflicts meaning the pool was closed to the public at a time when I needed it. This has been resolved as I now have bitten the bullet and joined a local club so I get unlimited use of the pool (also sauna, steam and spa because who says it has to be all hard work) and they also have a running club on a Wednesday night which I shall be looking into.

On Saturday I completed my 21st Parkrun. My times are getting really consistent now and I hit an average pace of 7:43/ mi without feeling like I was pushing too hard. This was my second fastest after last weeks PB and I honestly felt I was taking it easy by comparison. Of course it always helps to be running with friends.

Finishing in 154th and 19th in my age group is a pretty good feeling out of 733 runners.

This morning (Sunday) I had planed of doing a 30+ mile ride but driving rain and bitter winds cut my ride short at just 12 miles. Its all time on the bike so I am not too despondent.

And so on to the coming week. More of the same really with a heavy dose of Study because my exams are fast approaching and if I hope to crack this fitness instructors course I need to balance training and study much better. I know there is a lot still to do but I am more positive than ever that I will get there.


Have a great week!